AquaRox Swim School

New Term Dates

The Autumn Term 

From Saturday, 16th September 2017


Swimming Pool Address

West Hatch High School
High Road
Essex IG7 5BT

General Guidelines & rules & regulations

General Guidelines for parents & children 

- Children will progress through the classes on the basis of continual assessment & passing badges; our main aim is to promote good strokes, water skills and stamina.

- Each class has a clearly defined structure and badge system, which can be seen and discussed with Roxy at any time.

- The cost of the course done not  includes a certificate & badge there will be an additional charge for these items (from Academic year 2017 / 2018) 

- If there is a discipline problem the class teacher will initially speak to the pupil and then to Roxy.

- Swimming costumes or trunks should be worn (Bermuda shorts should not be worn as they are a hindrance).

- Occasionally a lesson may be cancelled in advance due to school functions.  Lessons cancelled will be rescheduled at a time convenient to the School and the Swimming Club.

- A refund is not available for missed lessons.

- If for any reason there is a problem with the pool and it is closed in an emergency we will endeavour to contact you, either by e-mail, text or phone call.

- If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding the swimming club would you please see Roxy.

The following rules & regulations must be adhered to: -

- Swimming hats must be worn for both boys and girls.  The gel hats are easy to put on these can be purchased from any sports shop 

- No outdoor shoes on poolside this includes young siblings.  No pushchairs/buggies on poolside.

- No photography is allowed, either by camera, video or mobile phone.  Please do not use your mobile phone on poolside.

- No eating or drinking on poolside.

- Mothers cannot go into the boys’ changing room and Fathers cannot go into the girls’ changing room.  However boys under the age of 7 are allowed into the girls’ changing room & girls under the age of 7 are allowed into the boys’ changing room.  (If your child is special needs we will try to accommodate them please see Roxy or email)

Please note that when you sign the original application form you are agreeing to follow these guidelines, rules & regulations.