AquaRox Swim School

New Term Dates

The Autumn Term 

From Saturday, 16th September 2017


Swimming Pool Address

West Hatch High School
High Road
Essex IG7 5BT

The cost of each lesson will be £6.00 per 25 min session for children, which are paid termly in advance;    autumn term 8 weeks 

Please note:  Badges and certificates are not done every course, and will need to be paid for separately from the term payment (at a reduced cost) - this is from the academic years 2018/2019 (any out standing badges awards from Spring / Summer term 2018 are still included in the price structure)  

Lane swimming is at 4.00 pm and the cost of each lesson is £6.50  again paid termly in advance  -  Spring Term - 8 weeks  -   (for 45 min) 

Week Course Dates: Week Course Dates
 1 10.10.20  4 7.11.20
2 17.10.20 5 14.11.20
3 24.10.20 6 21.11.20
  No swimming 31.10.20 7 28.11.20
    8 5.12.20
       then break for the Xmas  holidays 
       Spring  term dates to be set 
Specific Classes 
Parent & Toddler group  - may take this out Spring term 2020  - due to cold weather - TBC  - not in operation at the moment in time 
  Adult classes   -  (at this time there will also be small amount of children in classes as well - different groups)  Not yet in operation 

4.00  pm  class  -  Lane swimming  for 45 

Normal classes -   run for 25 min  so can get (15 min) change over in place for cleaning